Design and development

One of the fundamental features of the development and design department is the ability to reproduce a toy 90% similar to its on-screen prototype or sketch. This uniqueness is related to the history of the factory's development. The first toys produced were complex video game characters and mascots for esports tournaments. The industrial design service includes: creating sketches and patterns, sewing a master model of the product, providing a technical passport and description for further sewing.
Design and development services types
Development of mascot
Branded apparel
Creating toys
Development and first model of a mascot
Develop a mascot for a company from 0, which will be an impetus for the development and scaling of your business. Our goal is not only to create symbols, but also to convey the key aspects of your company through the image and concept of the mascot.
Service includes:
  • development of the first master model of the plush toy
  • selection of fabrics and finishes
  • description of full technical documentation

Service price: from 12,000 UAH

Product types: highly detailed branded toys, soft toys for kids, keychains

Lead time: from 2 weeks

Examples of works

Development of branded apparel
The modern world of employees' identification is impossible without stylish corporate clothing with branding elements. We offer the service of developing clothing from T-shirts to special clothing (vests, jackets and overalls)
Service includes:
  • development of a model range for the seasons
  • development of dimensional grid patterns
  • Creation of branding elements (embroidery, printing, selection of fabrics in corporate colors)

Service cost: included to the apparel sewing service

Product types: T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts with zippers, vests, overalls

Lead time: from 7 days

Examples of works

Design and plush toy development
Implement your most desirable ideas in plush. Full turnkey project management, from designing and developing the first sample to selecting fabrics, finishing, and even packaging the finished product.
Service includes:
  • development of one plush toy or collection
  • selection of fabrics, choice of finishes
  • determination of the most optimal production process to ensure the price-quality ratio

Service cost: included in the plush toy sewing service

Product types: soft toys, plush key chains, decorative pillows, headrests, anti-stress balls, felt accessories

Lead time: from 7 days