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Printing on fabric

If the intended image is difficult to realize through a combination of colored fabric or embroidery, if you need a clear, bright and detailed image, fabric printing will come in handy.

Silk-screen, sublimation, and direct digital printing are performed when ordering a sewing service for clothes or toys.

Thermal transfer printing can be either a part of the full sewing cycle or a separate service. The minimum order quantity is 300 units.
Printing type on fabric
Thermal printing
Silk screen
Thermal transfer printing
Take any image and we will applied to a thermal transfer wrap and then transferred using a heat press to fabric or finished products: T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, and even panamas. The transfer and fixation is accomplished by high temperature. Thermal printing is performed on fabric (at least 60% cotton).

  • Strong adhesion to the material
  • Suitable for synthetic, mixed and natural fabrics
  • Possibility to obtain images with special effects (glare or night glow)
The thermal printing service is available when sewing a batch of clothes and separately from 300 units.

Printing size max: 40х60 cm

Application on: fabric (except plush) and finished products (clothing and accessories)

Production time: from 5 days

Examples of works

Sublimation has no limites on disigh restrictions. This printing technology may provide to your product the freedom of colour and patterns in each detaile, lines and range of images. Experience vibrant and similars transition of special ink mostly avaliable on white synthetic materials.

  • Accuracy and quality of a real photograph
  • Smooth (not embossed), indistinguishable from a canvas without a pattern to the touch
  • 100% resistant to washing - does not fade, fade or change color
The sublimation service is available in the case of sewing a batch of clothes or toys from 500 pieces.
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Application size max: 40x60 cm.

Application on: fabric (including plush) and completed products (clothing and accessories)

Production time: from 5 days

Examples of works

Silk screen
Silk screening enables the enhancement of your product with a variety of special effects, including glitter, gold, silver, fluorescent, and light-emitting inks. Leveraging this technology, precise transfer of single or full-color images of various sizes or thicknesses onto any fabric type is achievable, infusing your product with vividness and texture.

  • Durability of the applied images
  • The number of colors used is not limited
  • Possibility to create relief patterns
  • Saturation, brightness, accurate reproduction of the original layout
The pricy type of printing which is direct digital printing, allows to transfer photographically accurate and artistically aesthetic designs to the fabric. While applying the image using digital printing, the ink is fixed in fabric fibers and does not change its structure. Therefore, such clothes remain soft, elastic and retain their air and moisture permeability properties.
Print your desired image by using silk-screen on any products such as: T-shirts, polo shirts, bombers, bags, panamas, hoodies. Printing is applied to both light and dark fabrics. Screen printing can contain from 1 to 18 colors, and it is also possible to print full-color images.

Silk-screen printing for sewing a batch of clothes from 300 pieces
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Application size max: 40х60 cm

Category: application on plush, clothing and accessories (bags, panamas, shoppers)

Production time: from 5 days

Examples of works