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All about our services

WP Merchandise offers a comprehensive range of services from design development to sewing. This includes crafting company mascots, plush characters (and merchandise) under entertainment industry licenses, branded souvenirs, soft toys, decorative pillows, felt products, uniforms, and corporate clothing for kids, men, and women, along with accessories.

Additionally, we provide services such as laser cutting, machine embroidery, development, and design of plush toys, and fabric printing. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, possesses all the necessary quality certifications, and collaborates with trusted suppliers for raw materials from various sources.

Order from the factory the following:

1)Plush toys manufacturing:

Place orders with our factory for crafting plush toys. The WP Merchandise team excels in crafting intricately detailed plush products. Branding elements can be applied through methods like embroidery, printing, branded tags, and unique box design, service encompasses design development, pattern creation for sewing, selection of accessories and fabrics, crafting the initial sample, so called master model, with a comprehensive technical passport, production of the ordered batch, and secure packaging for logistics.

2) Apparel manufacturing:

Manufacturing trendy clothing collections and basic knitwear products, ranging from regular hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and bombers to branded accessories, and specialized clothing (vests, overalls, bathrobes, jackets) and many more.

Embellishments for the product include embroidery, printing, and branded tags, while branding options encompass silk screening, sublimation, thermal printing, and embroidery. Tailoring service involves the collaboration of the design department, the creation of dimensional grid patterns, the selection of fabric and accessories, crafting the initial sample of models with a comprehensive technical passport, and secure packaging for the product's safe logistics.

Orders are welcomed based on ready-made sketches or through a turnkey design and sewing service, including specialized clothing for employees of industrial enterprises, administrative staff, and service workers; knitwear for sale in stores; and accessories like Panamas, backpacks, textile bags, shoppers, and pouches.

3) Design and development:

We specialize in providing top-notch services for designing and crafting product models, complete with detailed technical data sheets (including patterns, layouts, and production process specifics). Leveraging our in-house development team and a dedicated production line for rigorous testing, we guarantee a smooth transition of your master model into mass production, whether it's in our facility or anywhere across the globe.

Wondering what we can craft for you and what's included in our service? We specialize in developing and producing mascot toys tailored for companies or teams. Our offerings encompass intricately detailed corporate toys, plush children's toys, and adorable keychain companions:

  • Crafting the initial master model of the toy
  • Selecting fabrics and finishes
  • Providing detailed technical documentation.

In the realm of creating branded apparel, we offer a diverse range of options including T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, hoodies, zippered sweatshirts, vests, overalls, and bathrobes. 

      Service ensures:

  • Developing a model range for different seasons
  • Crafting dimensional grid patterns
  • Creating branding elements through techniques like embroidery, printing, and selecting fabrics in corporate colours.

Developing and designing stuffed toys, plush keychains, decorative pillows, headrests, anti-stress balls, and felt products for resale. 

       Service includes:

  • Design development and creation of a master model for approval
  • Selection of fabrics, finishes, and accessories
  • Technical documentation for the created product or collection
  • Determining the most optimal production process to ensure the best value for money.

4) Laser cutting and engraving:

Discover the power of laser cutting for promotional branding and custom designs. Our cutting-edge equipment, featuring four advanced laser machines, enables precise laser cutting, engraving, and perforation across a wide range of materials. From textiles and foam rubber to plastic, eco-leather, and plywood, our services offer unmatched versatility. Maximize your creativity with canvas sizes up to 150x93 cm. Elevate your brand with our premium laser processing solutions today.

Available services on our laser equipment include:

Laser cutting: the latest and technologically advanced cutting method that ensures ultra-precise cuts along a specified contour. Laser burning through sheet materials enables the cutting of intricate shapes with minimal waste.


  • Perfect cutting accuracy
  • Sealing of edges during cutting
  • Positioning of parts on the cutting blade with a 1 mm margin

Laser engraving: Inscriptions or images are engraved by removing the top layer with a laser beam, achieving an almost 3D effect with micron-depth changes.


  • Perfect precision
  • Complex and structural images
  • Long-lasting application

Laser perforation: This technology uses a pulsed heat source with high power density for perforation, leaving no melted edges. It requires a shorter residence time than laser cutting.


  • Perfect precision of holes, including geometric shapes and complex designs
  • Ability to perform perforations with a specified pitch from 0.01 cm
  • Sealing the edge of the material

5) Thermal transfer printing on fabric:

Unlock vibrant designs on fabric with thermal transfer printing! When intricate patterns and rich colours are essential, traditional methods fall short. Fabric printing emerges as the ideal solution, adding a unique flair to toys and various products. Our state-of-the-art factory boasts specialized equipment for thermal transfer printing, ensuring precision and quality. Using a heat press, we seamlessly transfer images from thermal transfer film onto fabric, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and bags. With high-temperature fixation, your designs come to life on fabric compositions of at least 60% cotton. Explore limitless possibilities with maximum print sizes of 28x36 cm. Elevate your creations with our premium thermal transfer printing services with WPM.

Advantages include strong adhesion to the material, suitability for synthetic, blended, and natural fabrics, and the ability to create images with special effects (glare or night glow).

6) Machine embroidery:

Experience unmatched embroidery services with our cutting-edge department equipped with modern industrial machinery capable of simultaneous embroidery on 25 products. Our skilled specialists handle every aspect from design layout development to execution, ensuring flawless results. With a diverse thread palette, including specialty effects like glitter and luminescence, we bring creative ideas to life on clothing and toys. Explore a variety of techniques, including classic satin stitch and tatami, multilayer embroidery, and innovative 3D embroidery using special materials. Whether it's intricate details or larger designs, our embroidery options cater to all needs, with application sizes ranging from 10 mm to 1 m. Trust us to elevate your projects with our expertise and advanced equipment.

For wholesale inquiries, special orders, B2B partnerships, or any other requests, WPM offers unparalleled expertise and guidance across all our services. Our professional team will oversee your project from inception to completion and beyond, ensuring excellence at every stage.

For inquiries, please click on contact us


"Mavka. The Forest Song". The WP Merchandise team has become a part of the development of Ukrainian animated project "Mavka. The Forest Song.

The WP Merchandise team has joined the development and promotion of the Ukrainian animated project "Mavka. The Forest Song" in 2023. Together with FILM.UA Group, Nerd agency, Mavka Movie, a collection of the main characters of the animated film in plush has been created.

The collection consists of 5 detailed toys: Swampy - Mavka's best friend, a cute creature, a mix of a cat and a frog, available in two sizes: 22cm and 40cm. 

Baby Lynx - an animal from the Red Book of Ukraine, appearing in the film to draw attention to the deforestation of Ukrainian primeval forests.

And Hush in 2 sizes: 41cm and 28.5cm - Mavka's friend, a small, hairy, grumbling, perpetually discontent forest creature.

Each plush toy is intricately sewn with great attention to detail - only in this way can the complex characters' designs be recreated. Swampy's coloring is done with sublimation printing, with each character pattern drawn in a design program by the WP Merchandise design department. Swampy has felt inserts on its paws, head, between its ears, and at the tip of its tail.

Baby Lynx is adorned with intricate embroidery on its fur. Swampy's nose is made of eco-leather, making it closely resemble the on-screen prototype. An exceptional feature is the gradient embroidery on the eyes of both characters. The filler used is hypoallergenic synthetic fluff.

"Mavka. The Forest Song" is a Ukrainian 3D animated film based on Lesya Ukrainka's drama-fairy tale "The Forest Song" and folk mythology images. At the center of the story is the magical Ukrainian Primeval Forest of Mavka, which, according to the creators' vision, correlates with Slavic myths and has a clear hierarchy. At its head are the Higher Spirits of Nature, embodying the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The Forest is also inhabited by "unusual" mythical creatures: Mavka, Mermaids, the grumbling forest creature Hush, and other motley forest dwellers.

They all have different abilities and responsibilities, but their goal is one - to protect the Forest, maintain peace and tranquility within it. Apart from them, the Forest is home to ordinary birds and animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. That's why the project's creators settled them in Mavka's Forest to draw attention to disappearing species. At the heart of the Forest is a cave in the shape of an ancient shell, hiding the magical Willow - the Source of Life. Guarding it is the main duty of the Forest's Guardian.

The film premiered on March 2 in Ukrainian cinemas.

The collection is available for purchase at the retail store wpmerchandise.prom.ua

For cooperation in sewing toys, souvenirs, mascots, please write to info@wpmerchandise.com


Avtandil Gurgienidze art. A collaborative project with the renowned Georgian artist Avtandil Gurgienidze.

This collaboration embodies the fusion of cultures and creates an incredibly important connection between art and the soul of our country. It unveils the lineup of the painting "Collector of Positivity," which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a shopper bag. The artwork is embroidered onto the products for over 3 hours and consists of more than 12 types of threads, including silver.

The design on the apparel encapsulates the Ukrainian smile, the spirit of Ukraine's flourishing beauty, which captivated the renowned Georgian artist Avtandil Gurgienidze. The authenticity of the artist's paintings has transformed into exquisite embroidery elements that enchant the eyes. The artist was conquered by a people who bravely defend their homeland, a people who, despite everything, feel happiness and love in their hearts. 

The t-shirt and sweatshirt are available for order in sizes ranging from XS to XXL and have the perfect fabric composition: cotton and elastane. The 41cm by 30cm shopper bag is available in graphite color.

Avtandil Gurgienidze is a Georgian artist known for his monumental work and vibrant colors. He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, and received education in music and art. His works adorn many objects, including metro stations, ski resorts, playgrounds, and numerous other facilities both in Georgia and Europe. Avtandil Gurgienidze also gained recognition for painting an old passenger plane AN-24 in the hangar of the "Kyiv" International Airport.

Since the full-scale invasion, Avtandil Gurgienidze has joined an artistic initiative in support of Ukraine and created a series of paintings expressing support for our country and its people. This initiative has become an important expression of solidarity and support in these challenging times.

Products from the new collection and other WP Merchandise items can be purchased at: wpmerchandise.prom.ua

For cooperation on sewing clothes, branded products, please write to info@wpmerchandise.com


The Scorpion wins bronze! The Scorpion figure wins bronze at the Independent Toy Awards 2021

The Scorpion plush figure from the licensed Mortal Kombat 11 collection by WP Merchandise has won an award at the 14th International Independent Toy Awards, which takes place annually in the UK. Scorpion won a bronze medal in the "Collectible" category. 

The applicants were evaluated by an expert jury composed of independent representatives of the toy industry in Europe.

The limited collection of plush merch of the fighting game saga Mortal Kombat 11 includes 5 main characters: Scorpion, Kitana, Raiden, Shao Kahn, Sub-Zero.

In 2019, WP Merchandise signed an agreement with the owner of the Mortal Kombat license - Warner Bros. Consumer Products Inc. and became the world's only manufacturer of collectible plush based on the Mortal Kombat 11 game.

Products from the Mortal Kombat 11 collection can be purchased here:  wpmerchandise.prom.ua

For wholesale orders, representatives of distribution networks and retailers please write to info@wpmerchandise.com


Collection of Dog Patron! The first official collection based on the comic book of Dog Patron!

The collaboration between "Patron does not sleep" and WP Merchandise in 2022 was the impetus for creation the only official collection about Dog Patron based on the comic book, which gained a huge buzz and remains the most desired among consumers.

The collection includes: a soft decorative pillow, a spacious felt bag, and a plush toy "Dog Patron".

In the merch developing, was used the exact image of Dog Patron from the official comic book. 

Patron Dog personally came to approve the plush merchandise.

The plush toy Dog Patron is dressed in a removable harness with personalized Velcro patches. On the dog's neck there is a personalized medallion decorated with engraving.

Toy size: 28 cm

The pillow in the shape of a muzzle is made by applique and decorated with embroidery. 

The pillow has a three-dimensional nose and tongue, and movable ears.

Size: 34cm

The bag is made of 3mm felt, which holds its shape and does not deform. The image from the comic book is made by thermal printing.

Size: 30cm

You may purchase the official collection here: wpmerchandise.prom.ua

For cooperation on sewing toys, souvenirs, mascots, please write to info@wpmerchandise.com