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Plush toys manufacturing

Sewing toys is a service that embodies crazy ideas in a plush.

We are experts in creating highly detailed plush products. Producing plush figures, kids' soft toys, branded souvenirs, from simple to highly complex 3D models.

Decorate the products with branding elements: embroidery, printing, branded tags and boxes.

The sewing service includes: design and development department work, templates development, selection of fittings and fabrics, first sample development (master model) with a full technical passport, product packaging for safe logistics.

Orders from 500 units

Scale of difficulty of the toy in sewing and detailing

From 4 to 6 days
Products of simple complexity.
Decorative pillows, key chains, microplush. 10+ details.Embroidery from 500 to 25000 stitches.
From 1 to 3 weeks
Products of medium complexity.
Microplush, key chains, large toys. 40+ details. Embroidery from 25000 to 80000 stitches.
From 4 to 6 weeks
Products of high complexity.
Microplush, key chains, large toys. From 10 to 35 cm, 90-130 details. Embroidery up to 80000 stitches.