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Avtandil Gurgienidze art. A collaborative project with the renowned Georgian artist Avtandil Gurgienidze.


This collaboration embodies the fusion of cultures and creates an incredibly important connection between art and the soul of our country. It unveils the lineup of the painting "Collector of Positivity," which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a shopper bag. The artwork is embroidered onto the products for over 3 hours and consists of more than 12 types of threads, including silver.

The design on the apparel encapsulates the Ukrainian smile, the spirit of Ukraine's flourishing beauty, which captivated the renowned Georgian artist Avtandil Gurgienidze. The authenticity of the artist's paintings has transformed into exquisite embroidery elements that enchant the eyes. The artist was conquered by a people who bravely defend their homeland, a people who, despite everything, feel happiness and love in their hearts. 

The t-shirt and sweatshirt are available for order in sizes ranging from XS to XXL and have the perfect fabric composition: cotton and elastane. The 41cm by 30cm shopper bag is available in graphite color.

Avtandil Gurgienidze is a Georgian artist known for his monumental work and vibrant colors. He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, and received education in music and art. His works adorn many objects, including metro stations, ski resorts, playgrounds, and numerous other facilities both in Georgia and Europe. Avtandil Gurgienidze also gained recognition for painting an old passenger plane AN-24 in the hangar of the "Kyiv" International Airport.

Since the full-scale invasion, Avtandil Gurgienidze has joined an artistic initiative in support of Ukraine and created a series of paintings expressing support for our country and its people. This initiative has become an important expression of solidarity and support in these challenging times.

Products from the new collection and other WP Merchandise items can be purchased at: wpmerchandise.prom.ua

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