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"Mavka. The Forest Song". The WP Merchandise team has become a part of the development of Ukrainian animated project "Mavka. The Forest Song.


The WP Merchandise team has joined the development and promotion of the Ukrainian animated project "Mavka. The Forest Song" in 2023. Together with FILM.UA Group, Nerd agency, Mavka Movie, a collection of the main characters of the animated film in plush has been created.

The collection consists of 5 detailed toys: Swampy - Mavka's best friend, a cute creature, a mix of a cat and a frog, available in two sizes: 22cm and 40cm. 

Baby Lynx - an animal from the Red Book of Ukraine, appearing in the film to draw attention to the deforestation of Ukrainian primeval forests.

And Hush in 2 sizes: 41cm and 28.5cm - Mavka's friend, a small, hairy, grumbling, perpetually discontent forest creature.

Each plush toy is intricately sewn with great attention to detail - only in this way can the complex characters' designs be recreated. Swampy's coloring is done with sublimation printing, with each character pattern drawn in a design program by the WP Merchandise design department. Swampy has felt inserts on its paws, head, between its ears, and at the tip of its tail.

Baby Lynx is adorned with intricate embroidery on its fur. Swampy's nose is made of eco-leather, making it closely resemble the on-screen prototype. An exceptional feature is the gradient embroidery on the eyes of both characters. The filler used is hypoallergenic synthetic fluff.

"Mavka. The Forest Song" is a Ukrainian 3D animated film based on Lesya Ukrainka's drama-fairy tale "The Forest Song" and folk mythology images. At the center of the story is the magical Ukrainian Primeval Forest of Mavka, which, according to the creators' vision, correlates with Slavic myths and has a clear hierarchy. At its head are the Higher Spirits of Nature, embodying the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The Forest is also inhabited by "unusual" mythical creatures: Mavka, Mermaids, the grumbling forest creature Hush, and other motley forest dwellers.

They all have different abilities and responsibilities, but their goal is one - to protect the Forest, maintain peace and tranquility within it. Apart from them, the Forest is home to ordinary birds and animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. That's why the project's creators settled them in Mavka's Forest to draw attention to disappearing species. At the heart of the Forest is a cave in the shape of an ancient shell, hiding the magical Willow - the Source of Life. Guarding it is the main duty of the Forest's Guardian.

The film premiered on March 2 in Ukrainian cinemas.

The collection is available for purchase at the retail store wpmerchandise.prom.ua

For cooperation in sewing toys, souvenirs, mascots, please write to info@wpmerchandise.com


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