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Collection of Dog Patron! The first official collection based on the comic book of Dog Patron!


The collaboration between "Patron does not sleep" and WP Merchandise in 2022 was the impetus for creation the only official collection about Dog Patron based on the comic book, which gained a huge buzz and remains the most desired among consumers.

The collection includes: a soft decorative pillow, a spacious felt bag, and a plush toy "Dog Patron".

In the merch developing, was used the exact image of Dog Patron from the official comic book. 

Patron Dog personally came to approve the plush merchandise.

The plush toy Dog Patron is dressed in a removable harness with personalized Velcro patches. On the dog's neck there is a personalized medallion decorated with engraving.

Toy size: 28 cm

The pillow in the shape of a muzzle is made by applique and decorated with embroidery. 

The pillow has a three-dimensional nose and tongue, and movable ears.

Size: 34cm

The bag is made of 3mm felt, which holds its shape and does not deform. The image from the comic book is made by thermal printing.

Size: 30cm

You may purchase the official collection here: wpmerchandise.prom.ua

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